Breanna & Nova

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Breanna & Nova

January 2022

With the utmost sadness and very heavy heart that I share with U the loss of our brilliant and most cherished family member Breanna (33yrs old).  As a MIT graduate she had everything going for her – great career and a loving family!

Personally, I was very fortunate to have shared some very special memories with her.  When she was very little (3 & 4yrs old) I was at a point in my life where I wished I had a daughter.  Even at this early age Breanna understood and was more then happy to play the role when we attended different events like Disney on Ice and the new Disney films –    and no outing was complete without stopping by McDonalds afterwards for a happy meal.

It seemed whenever we were out an about, enjoying our fun adventures, people would comment how beautiful of daughter I had.  I recall the first time that happened, I agreed and thanked the person for the compliment and then I looked at Breanna and said, “do U mind if Im not correcting people, that U are not really my daughter” she answered with a smile on her face, “nope”.

It wasn’t even a year later, I learned I was going to be a father and I was very worried of how Breanna might feel since, I wouldn’t be available as often, to partake in all our fun outings like we have, since I would have responsibilities with my own daughter (Savannah) when she arrived.  When I shared with Breanna of the news of Savannah being on her way, to my surprise she was just so happy for me and said she understood.  Obviously, after Savannah arrived we all spent plenty of quality time together and continued to as the children grew older.

After Breanna graduated from MIT, her and her husband Evan, moved to Fremont, NH where she was a respected Senior Product and Quality Manger at Freudenberg-Nok.  Breanna was living her life to the fullest, she truly enjoyed all the travels around the world, although her most favorite was the adoption of her new puppy, Nova.

It was this past October that Breanna was playing soccer on a community league in Fremont when she accidentally suffered a serious blow to her head by the soccer ball.  Unfortunately, the concussion she received was even worse then anyone could imagine – the Breanna we knew and loved, would never be the same – apparently her whole perspective and perception within her mind was altered in a very unhealthy way and made it extremely difficult, if not impossible for Breanna to decipher this new strange and unfamiliar perspective that was giving her an altered reality experience within.  When it became apparent to her parents (Bruce and Michaela) how severely this was effecting Breanna – they immediately took action – bringing her home to MN to seek proper medical assistance.

Despite, securing an effective plan with the proper medical experts, the fact these health professionals were still dealing with outbreaks of COVID, it prolonged the availability for in person appointments that were scheduled to help her.  However, with everything going on as it was in her head – it was apparently just too much for her to take and sadly she took her life.

In this recent pic, Breanna is with her 3yr old pup Nova.  Notice the heart within Nova’s fur to the bottom left of his nose.

Thank U for all the love and happiness U shared with us Breanna – life on earth will never be the same.



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