Birthday cloud

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Birthday cloud

July 27, 2019

After I had spotted the heart cloud in yesterday’s post, I went into the garage to get the pool ready for McKinlee.  About 15 minutes later, as I was walking out of the garage, I noticed a second heart cloud.

What a fantastic way to start my birthday day.  More hearts please!!


  1. Hello,
    I’m one as some others around this world who can see hearts.
    Since 2011 I’ve been seeing hearts, I have pics and things heart shaped.
    I found one day to be able to measure ( energy) or maybe is the vitality, for example a fruit on the tree has a certain level of this energy, when you pick it up and measure it day by day this energy lower down.
    I measured hearts I found during these years and I found that when they are really send from the other dimension, their energy is the highest.
    In your site on the right side there are your recent hearts seen.
    Birthday cloud, Morning, shower water, have no power, I can thing they are just a coincidence, It happen to me as well.
    Almost invisible, Uptown graffiti, are a true message, because they have high energy.
    The probable reason of these hearts in your life is that Savannah has a very high magnetism.
    It maybe possible an heritage from ancestors or who was in her last life, or both.
    Her natural skills or tendencies when she was a baby could give some informations.
    During the first childhood we keep more or less strong memories from other lives, I think should be of a great importance to cultivate this heritage.
    Kind regards

    • thank U so much I found your email quite interesting. Please share your found hearts and stories with us in the site -0 did U download the app?

  2. There are dialogs that need to be kept intimate, because this special connection could be easly broken.
    Maybe something new is coming.
    I appreciate your offer, thank you.

    • Thank U for your comment! Please feel free to share your found hearts and stories with us! If U haven’t downloaded the app – its available for free within the “about”section on home page of site.

  3. Hearts we see are a message telling that we don’t have to be afraid, someone protect us.
    Hearts radiate energy, what I measure is vitality , but vital is a body with a special energy.
    If I measure spring water just right out of the rock, the number on the scale is higher than what I’ll measure two days later.
    A salad picked up from the garden is the same and so on.
    I tried with colors, they radiate waves at a precise frequency.
    I found that these hearts and a specific color green vibrate on the same frequency.( principle of resonance )
    Your hearts too but the frequency is slighlty different, because the shade is different.

    Color is an interesting medium to quickly find something that vibrate on a specific wavelength.
    I measured viruses too and yes, according to their nature, it seems to be possible to understand whether a person is infected or not.
    Some tests made, may confirm that, but It’s just a tip, medical tests should follow.

    • Very intriguing!! Thank U for sharing – had no idea!

  4. The green of your hearts, searching random have found one in this site :
    Painting this color on whatever you want, a pendant, a bracelet, something you keep on you, the material will radiate an energy of the same nature of the hearts.
    This should be clear from a physics principle, resonance.
    It should be adapted to your situation.

  5. I’d like to add something more.
    You should first make a pendulum made of wood but with no resin in it, no pine, fir or larch.
    Ok oak or other timber.
    Can be 1,5 inch long by 3/8 inch tick, even a cilindric shape could be ok for this approach, it depend on your power, your daughter has more power than you, but a test is necessary.
    You should use a silk thread or a horsehair, but try with cotton if you can’t find them, to hang the wood.
    On top of the cilinder the diameter must be smaller, let’s say 1/10 of inch, you than drill it with a small bit and thread the thread , a length of 2 inches could be ok.
    To test your power keep the thread whith the pendulum in your right hand, stay with it on your left forearm streched out on a table.
    See whether the pendulum swing how wide is swinging.
    Be relaxed, clear your mind.
    Please tell me whether it’s to difficult.

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