Leo’s home!

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Leo’s home!

Fall 2015

Leo was about 10 weeks old when we picked him up from the breeder. It was the 2nd day we had him, and I was out in the yard playing playing with him.

He was about 15 feet away, when I seen him pick up a leaf with his mouth, and ran back to me.

I reached out to grab the leaf, asking him what do U have for daddy, a leaf, good boy!  Then I looked down and seen the tiny hole shaped as a heart in the leaf.

I was surprised and excited, telling him how good of a boy he was, and how smart he was!  He seemed very pleased, which quickly turned to, now I want to wrestle and get tough.

I set the leaf to the side and went at it with him, telling him how lucky I was to have such a smart and tough puppy! He just backed up, let out a couple barks and came charging at me.  Leo’s home!

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