Go green!!

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Go green!!

Summer 2015

Was out on a walk with Clover when we came across this green leaf shaped like a heart.

As I was taking the pic, the owner of the home we were in front of came over and stated, I choose NOT to cut my grass for environmental purposes.  I said, that’s OK – no problem, and I took my pic.

She then went on to claim, it is her yard, and her choice.  I replied, I personally don’t have an issue with it.  She then seemed to get even more defensive, and started asking about why city officials will not leave her alone.

I then interrupted her with an apology, and politely explained; I’m NOT a city official, as U can see I have a dog with me – we live in neighborhood and are just out for a walk.

She then asked, then what is with taking all the pictures…  I said, actually I took one pic.  I have a blog, and I post hearts that I find, like this green leaf here on your walk way.

I will never forget the way she looked at me, after she looked down to see the green heart leaf I was speaking of.  I think her look was a cross between, completely embarrassed, and I think I’m starting to lose it.

As Clover and I started to walk away, I turned around and said – “Go green and have a heart filled day!!” 🙂

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